The ISG Wallet

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The wallet itself is hand made with 6oz Sepici leather in dark brown with brown EdgeKote, and a light brown interior. Mike at MMD used premium thread and snap to create a practical, functional wallet that is built to last. 

Designed to discreetly and securely hold the Rare Element picks, the slot and flap design is a minimalist approach to only the necessary, functional tools, and the light grain leather backer provides contrast for easy identification even under diminished light. The top flap is sized to fit credit card sized tools, such as the Sparrow's Hall Pass door shim, or 11-in-1 type tools. 

Rare Element Lockpicks hand cuts and designs all their lock picks and unarguably makes the finest, most effective tools available.

For this kit, Rare Element provided us a Crow's Foot triple peak rake and the Hybrid probe in grade 5 titanium, along with a Top-of-keyway (TOK) torsion tool with LAB style turning, and standard bottom of keyway (BOK) torsion tool made of high carbon steel to create a simple, complete, no-frills, hard-use pickset.

The Crow's Foot is designed to be a "all-in-one" pick, with two raking surfaces, and a probe style peak that can be used to single pin pick stubborn locks without transitioning to a dedicated probe. The peak frequency is stunningly effective, and in testing the tools, we've found even stubborn locks that used to require single-pin picking can be raked with the Crow's foot.

The Hybrid features a picking end that's designed to be dual-faced to attack pins from multiple angles, with medium reach, making it slim, versatile pick for narrow keyways and security pins that tend to stop rakes in their tracks.

Both picks come with black shrink wrap grips that keep them narrow for storage and comfortable during use.

More personally, we've found the Rare Element picks to be the most tactile picks on the market, with excellent balance between feedback and durability, and given the dozens of picks we've tested, we've found none other than even come close to the quality and capability.